Chemical Processing Tank Coating

SCS worked with a major international chemical processing company to help specify the coating materials for a chemically aggressive environment, supply the manpower, project equipment requirements and schedule to complete the coating of an elevated storage tank. This project was successfully completed safely, on time and within budget .

Some of the project parameters included:

  • Ultrasonic Testing (UT) was performed to determine tank shell thickness and corrosion issues.  
  • A crane with man-lift to perform the project functions on the open-top tank. 
  • High-Pressure (+35K PSI) Water Jet equipment was used for the removal of rust scale and thick film coatings. 
  • All tank weld seams were inspected, with welding repairs performed. 
  • A 2-pass chemical resistant coating system was applied for the primary containment of pH 1 - 14, 170F materials.
  • igh Voltage Holiday Detection to correct deficiencies in the coating porosity.